The Unidas Candidate Reference Checking Service is crucial to do when you want to find out more information on the candidates that you want to employ. The reference checks get done through a verified reference checking center.

Unidas can Assist you with the following Candidate Reference Checking Services:

  1. ITC – This check is used to establish how a candidate conducts there personal finance and if they are black listed or have any judgments against their name. The ITC check also verifies the candidates Name, Surname and ID Number
  2. Criminal Checks – The Criminal check is done on the candidates ID number and can take up to 10 working days
  3. Educational Verification – This is to certify that the applicant has indeed qualified in any field that they say they have and to ensure that there certificates are all legal
  4. Drivers License Verification – This verification check is done when companies provide candidates with company vehicles.

For more information please contact our offices.

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